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Dev-Jam - Developer Meetup

Dev-Jam is a one week OpenNMS hack-a-thon with people from all over the world held annually at the University of Minnesota.


Talk with People

Use the web based chat platform powered by Mattermost or join with IRC on and join "#opennms".

Web Chat

Discussions and Help

Get into contact with OpenNMS users in our community powered by Discourse.


Management and Source Code

Software Management

The OpenNMS project uses Atlassian's JIRA project management platform. We thank Atlassian for providing a no-cost license to the project.

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Source Repository

The source code is managed by git and is hosted on GitHub. We also use a pull request driven approach to submit patches for bug fixes or enhancements.

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Continuous Integration

The software is covered by a large test suite. For running test suits and build packages for deployment we use Atlassian Bamboo.

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