Quickstart install scripts work for most small network environments and get you quickly up to speed. Test new configurations or evaluate OpenNMS Horizon and Grafana in Linux Container with ready to run container images using Docker and Docker Compose. If you want a more customized installation please go to our installation & upgrade guides.

CentOS or RHEL

Install on CentOS / RHEL 64bit Linux

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Debian or Ubuntu

Install on Ubuntu / Debian 64bit Linux

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Windows Server

Install on a Microsoft Windows Server

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Run OpenNMS Horizon in Linux container

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Configuration Management

Interested in running and maintaining OpenNMS with modern configuration management tools such as Chef or Ansible?

Please take a look at our repositories, which are built by the OpenNMS community:

If you maintain a module for OpenNMS and you want to be listed, please feel free and drop a note to the opennms-install mailing list.

Thank you for your contribution.